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Dahweirdacus Resigns.

by Dahweirdacus 18 Comments
I am resigning as an Administrator of MiiWiiChat.
I have done my very best to do as I was told as an admin.
And that was keep MiiWiiChat drama/chaos free.
And it seems as of late, I have been questioned of my actions.
Some say I change the rules to fit my values.
If I did that, it wasn't purposely.
I feel that if a word is blocked, then it's blocked for a reason.
Reason being it's not allowed in MiiWiiChat.
I feel if someone has been warned too many times before, they shouldn't need any more warnings because they could very well be using that as a free pass.
"Hey, I'ma do something against the rules. Watch, they'll let it slide and warn me not to do it again."
I made ShadowWolf91, Blood Hunter and Justin109 a moderator.
Some questioned me on those actions too.
Some even say they are bad, when sad thing is, they seem to be the only ones actually doing their jobs more then the others.
No offense to any of the others.
When I was first made an admin, Player911 said to me:
"[Player911->Dahweirdacus] 6:44 pm: you and death run the place the way you think is best"
I did my best to do just that.
I took my job as an admin seriously. Did my best to keep MiiWiiChat drama free, keep it free of trolls.
But recently I've been getting questioned about my actions that I felt were right.
Some may not be happy I'm resigning, and some may be going nuts now.
I have questioned many times what MiiWiiChat will be like without me.
Well.. Guess we'll find out.
Take care everyone and wishing you all the best of all wishes.

Dahweirdacus aka Robert.
Posted: 1/24/12
How many times have i told u not to leave , like 1 million? ur the only one that keeps things fair on miiwiichat, no offense death, but yeah now its gonna be real diffrent , people are gonna start hating coming here and never come here again , well I know you failed me, who else are you gonna fail?
Posted: 1/24/12
Leon that prediction is a little extreme thur buddy, people came here before me or Dah were even members. Lol
Posted: 1/24/12
I think you should stay, You were the correct on all of your rules and they were the rules. Those rules that you made we very good rules, because we have like 12 year old that come to this site and 11 and 13. Those children are very young and do not need some nasty link, or bad language(cuss, and inappropriate words) You made this chat fun, with fair rules that are simple, "SIMPLE", to follow, but others want to ignore it and know whats coming to them. Hope you come back.
Posted: 1/24/12
I completely agree with Justin. Everything you did was fair in my opinion. I might not have liked some things, but you always had a purpose, a good reason why we should follow the rules. Sorry Death if I didn't take part in your chat poll; I was a little busy with something else at the time. sigh, but yeah. I'm sorry to hear that your leaving. I learned a lot of things from you. I hope everything works out with the situation that your in right now. It's like what you said about the past, present, and future. Sorry, I forgot the exact words. I hope that you come back soon...
Posted: 1/24/12
yeah i learned alot from you 2
Danny Gamer
Posted: 1/24/12
I might be the only one with negative comments...but you know me....How or why would you keep the message Player911 sent you by PM? The exact words and time...probably waiting for this day to come. And you repeated yourself like 3 times. But on the positive side, we will all miss you and since there can't be a bad side without a good side, I might as well just leave, chat won't be fun without ya. Might come back when you do, but until then,
Sayonara ****ers!! Specially Tori. Excluding Death, Shadow, Pichu, Koopa, and a few other kids.

Danny Gamer aka Danny Gamer
Posted: 1/25/12
Yeah... im probably gonna bounce from this site to its been fun but it wont be the same yeah i cant take all this crap that goes on without you here nobody can so yeah ima leave to.. i should make an article
Posted: 1/26/12
This is very depressing news you shared with us, with you gone the chat could die out. It won't be the same without you, but this must be for a good reason, with every bad thing a good thing follows. Thank you Dahweirdacus, you have inspired me to become a better person in MiiWiiChat, to veer trouble away from here and follow the laws of this chat, I hope the chat stays regulated.

Posted: 1/27/12
uh oh... You all gone done it now!
Posted: 1/30/12
Thanks everyone. The chat is in the hands of Deathpenguin, Bandit & Player911 now. Best wishes to you all. -dahbooms outta here- DAHBOOM!!!
Posted: 1/28/12
Posted: 2/4/12
well dah its not your fault or players fault deaths koopa or any other admin or mod its really our fault you only do it to teach us a leason and our only response is to troll on the ppl that ban us say we're leaving never coming back (which really you'll bb in a week or so...) and blaming everything on you guys which solves nothing anyway from here on out I promise to never cuss in the chat room always be nice to everybody around me treat everybody with respect and if i do something wrong (because nobodys perfect) take my ban/gag for the time given and comeback in with no revenge or hatred toward the ppl that ban/gag'd me and player you can take this promise to the bank my word is gold :)
Posted: 2/13/12
JB "your word" is full of grammatical errors and overall stupidity. Lolz
Posted: 2/13/12
go cry to somebody else kyle
Posted: 2/13/12
He's just mad I kicked him from my friends list yesterday on FB. because you either treat me with respect or you get deleted from my FB .... Mostly because I don't have time for You
Posted: 2/13/12
JB, nobody here even cares for you. Stop acting like you're all that, Twilight Boy.
Posted: 2/13/12
I have no response for your Idiotic comments shadow
Posted: 2/23/12
i'mma miss the old i'm sorry master of randomness dah
he was a great admin and he teach me some good things and right way dah i'mma miss you random friend
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