June is almost here and with that comes E3.  E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is a once a year event that takes place in Las Angeles, California.  All of the biggest names in the gaming industry attend this expo to show off all of their new games, hardware, and anything else new they can think of and this year E3 will be June 7-9.

The most popular events of E3 are usually held by the "big 3" of gaming which include Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony.  They each have couple hour long press conferences where all the big announcements of the show are made.  Here is the current schedule:

Microsoft: June 6 at 9AM PT
Sony: June 6 at 5PM PT
Nintendo: June 7 at 9AM PT

All three press conferences will be aired live on G4TV and GameTrailers.com.  You can also watch Nintendo's on their own official site e3.nintendo.com

The announcements this year will be huge. Nintendo's next home console, currently dubbed Project Cafe, will be fully announced and playable at the show, supposedly.  Sony will be showing off it's new handheld, the NGP (aka PSP2), Microsoft should be announcing a ton of new titles for its Kinect sensor, and each company will be showing all of their new secret titles to get you excited for what they have to offer.