"The Nintendo 3DS will get its eShop as late as May in Japan as part of a major software update, along with a web browser and the ability to transfer DSiWare titles, according to details coming from an investor meeting in Japan." - Kotaku.

The e-shop is not unlike the Wii Shop channel in that you will be able to access a Virtual Console of sorts to download classic Gameboy and Gamboy Color games as well as games and apps designed for the 3DS.
I would take this to mean that the update will come at least that late in the U.S. as well. It is strange however that Nintendo is releasing the 3DS without this pre installed, but hey what can you do.  The Mii apps and the AR apps along with the 3DS music and picture apps will still be pre installed day one.

Our friend Player911 already told you about the new Kirby game coming along from HAL Laboratory, but there is also news of a new Pokemon game!  Actually this game will be called Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing which will come with a bluetooth keyboard for the original DS and will teach you how to type and catch pokemon. Cool!

Nintendo's new IP is called Pandora's Tower and it will be a JRPG for the Wii.  Details are unknown at this time and wheather or not Nintendo Of America will localize this game in the U.S. is a mystery. There is an image of you view the comments section.