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Dahweirdakart Tournament II

by Dahweirdacus 25 Comments
DahweirdaKart Wii Championship Tournament II
This is a Mario Kart Wii Tournament hosted by me, Dahweirdacus.
It will take place Friday, January 28th, 2011 at 9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT.
(Google which timezone you're in and do the math what time it will be for you if you don't already know.)
I pretty much have about everyone added on my friends list that has MKW.
It will require 8 people total. Me and 7 others.
12 being the max. Me and 11 others.

I will be hosting the room online starting right at 9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT,
So be sure to be ready cause once the room is full then well, better luck next DahweirdaKart Tournament.
Not trying to sound cruel but yeah.
I will only wait until 9:20pm ET/8:20pm CT/7:20pm MT/6:20pm PT.
Last time people were getting impatient. So please be ready.
If we get a full room, then we will start right away.
I will do the whole "Everyone here?"
And then everyone will do: "I'm here!" or whatever lol.

I won't count in this tournamant but I'll be in the races to supervise and make sure nobody is hacking.
If I catch you hacking, you'll be DQ'd.
If your connection goes out then that is completely on you.
Again, not trying to sound cruel but yeah.

It will be a 3 round game, 12 races total.
Where the winner of the tournament will get to choose any of the following for there prize:
Nintendo Points Card
$20 PSN Card
X-Box Live 3 Months Gold Card
X-Box Martket Points 1600 Card
There WILL be a winner in my tournament.
I have $20 put back for this tournament.
So, the way this will work, is whoever wins will get there prize the very next day.
The next day being saturday, I'll give them there code to whichever prize they choose.
I'll be pretty much the rival kart that doesn't matter.
I won't be playing to win or anything.

The way the rounds work will be as followed:
Round 1: "Noob" VS. Race
Simple VS Race between the challengers and I.
In this round, all 4 tracks will be the Mushroom Cup tracks in order as they are.
So be sure to write this down so you won't forget.
1st race: Luigi Circuit
2nd race: Moo Moo Meadows
3rd race: Mushroom Gorge
4th race: Toad's Factory
If you choose anything else, even if it's by mistake, you'll be DQ'd and might aswell reset your system cause if you continue racing,
and you win, you were DQ'd so your points won't matter.
But I trust that won't happen.
Those that lose will be eliminated in this round and must sign offline of MKW.
6 will advance to Round 2 including myself.

Round 2: "Old School" Team VS. Race
The remaining 6 challengers and I will meet in a Team VS Race.
I will of course come in dead last so I'd be the one getting 0 points.
Cause that way it makes it fair.
And in this round, simple.
Those that are put on a team of 3 VS 3 must work together as a team if they want to make it to the final round.
Everyone must vote for these following tracks in order as they are.
So write this down so you won't forget.
1st race: SNES Ghost Valley 2
2nd race: N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
3rd race: GBA Shy Guy Beach
4th race: GCN Waluigi Stadium
If you choose anything else, even if it's by mistake, you'll be DQ'd and might aswell reset your system cause if you continue racing,
and you win, you were DQ'd and your points won't matter.
But I trust that won't happen.
The winning team will meet each other in the 3rd and final round.
The 3 that lost will be eliminated and must sign offline of MKW.
And this is where it gets interesting.

Round 3: "Special Cup" VS. Race
The 3 remaining challengers and I will meet in a "Special Cup" VS. Race.
In this round, all 4 tracks will be the Special Cup tracks in order as they are.
So write this down so you won't forget.
1st race: Dry Dry Desert
2nd race: Moonview Highway
3rd race: Bowser's Castle
4th race: Rainbow Road
Each challanger must choose these tracks.
If you choose anything else, even if it's by mistake, you'll be DQ'd and might aswell reset your system cause if you continue racing,
and you win, you were DQ'd and the one who came in 2nd will win.
But I trust that won't happen.
The one who's in 1st at the end will be declared the 2nd DahweirdaKart Champion,
and get to choose there prize that they will get the very next day which is saturday.
Goodluck to everyone.

Challangers confirmed or are thinking about it:
Culex, WindRunner, evolution, leequan, Swag (maybe), Koopa, Deathpenguin (maybe),
Patrick, jasonjo, MTPrower (maybe), Alpha & xPLASTiKx (maybe)
That makes 12 and Myself. Which will be more then full if everyone does show.
So.. Yeah.

LilahBugAcs won the 1st DahweirdaKart Champion.
Putting her in the DahweirdaKart Hall Of Fame.
Who will join her?
We'll find out Jan. 28th, 2011 at 9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT.

Those that don't have my friend code: 3480-3090-0444
If I don't have yours then post yours. Thanks and best of luck to you all.
Be sure to start practicing on these 12 tracks.
Posted: 1/19/11
This is going to be fun. I can't wait. =)
Posted: 1/19/11
Dah this was a long post to put on the front page. Player doesn't like that lol. oh well. I'll be there!
Posted: 1/19/11
See ya then.
Posted: 1/19/11
Well Bandit, I didn't know that lol.
Anyways, hope everyone reads/understands this article and comment with your friend code if I don't already have you.
Or comment with your thoughts or whatever.
And goodluck to you all!
Posted: 1/19/11
Do you has my friend code? 2921-9487-2512
Posted: 1/21/11
ok dah i'll be there im going to start practiceing right now!! and bandit i sent you a mkw request. see you guy then.
Posted: 1/21/11
by the way evolution wont be able to play because he got his wii taken away :(
Posted: 1/21/11
One thing I wanna make clear though that I noticed I forgot to mention in the article, do not choose 2 Player. There will be no guests allowed. It is just you and everyone else. Anyways just making that clear to everyone. 1 week away from this very minute. :P
If haven't started to practice, might wannt start ;)
And no hacking :p
Posted: 1/22/11
If somebody doesn't show up, put me in.
Posted: 1/22/11
my bad, its its actually 4941-1158-2546.
ignore the code in my previous comment
Posted: 1/22/11
I'll add you tonight DoubleC. Be sure to add mine too. Mine's at the end of this article. But if you read it then you must already know so not sure why I'm telling lol. Anyways, be sure to practice the 12 courses we'll be doing. And I hope you understand how it works and will follow.

As for putting you in. Everyone can be in, it's Just the matter of joining my hosted room in time. Once it's full then it's full. And remember no guests. (1 Player only) And goodluck to you and everyone else.
Posted: 1/25/11
hey dah please put me in if u do ill show them how u really kidding but please put me in heres my friend code (3310-1420-9514
Posted: 1/25/11
by the way my name on mkw is poke ball
Posted: 1/25/11
i just sed this to check the time
Posted: 1/27/11
Dahweirdacus, you didn't register me!!!
Posted: 1/27/11
dahweirdahcus please add me 3310-1420-9514
Posted: 1/27/11
Dah! I have to add you again... I had to format my Wii once more over a silly Error Code I kept getting.
Posted: 1/27/11
I added. And Culex, you can add me again all you want but I can't add you without your new code :p (Makes me wonder though as to why this keeps happening sir.. Lol)
Posted: 1/28/11
my friend code... srry for late reply 0131-6771-6262 add me pls so i'll know if room is full. ty dahweirdacus. PS ill crush all if i join. so tip: be ready for the smackdown of ure life
Posted: 1/28/11
I will be in the tournament later today.If something happens that I cant be in the tournament today I will tell Culex to let you know.
Posted: 1/28/11
ill see ya there
Posted: 1/28/11
dahweirdacus!!! can ya add me for last minute RSVP pls!?
Posted: 1/28/11
Can't wait. :3
Posted: 1/28/11
good luck everyone!(:
Posted: 1/28/11
wow....i really fricked up
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